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02-25-2011, 05:53 PM
Basic guidelines to follow prior to posting a new thread

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Operating System:
M-Audio Devices & Driver Versions:
Other relevant Hardware & Software Used:

Provide detailed information:
The more information you can provide to describe your problem and setup, the faster it will be for others to help solve your issue.

Operating System, Processor, Hardware, RAM, Hardware/Software & versions (please add this to your signature)
Software and peripherals used (DAW, sound module, virtual Instruments, sequencing software)
Details about the problem you are experiencing and how to reproduce it
Details about what is or isn't happening
Any troubleshooting steps you've taken to identify the source of your problem
Be specific

Include an appropriate title. The title of your thread should explain the topic of the thread; users should not have to open the thread to find out what the topic is.
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