View Full Version : i have an issue with the portamento...

05-03-2011, 02:30 PM
Hello there
i have an issue with the portamento, it's really strange
i'm doing a new lead sound with saw waves with full open low pass filter, the portamento sound like if the amp envelope have a slow attack, sound like a violin (50% of the volume and then go up to 100%), without power when you press a note, the attack of the amp env is in 0.
The other strange thing is when you do a long portamento jump (2 or 3 octaves from one key to the other) when the sound come back to the first note something goes wrong, sound like if the cutoff was closed, the sound lose brightness

I did make the same sound with my k2661 and it's sound much more powerful and the portamento sounds ok, every note start at the 100% of the volume