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08-01-2012, 09:51 PM

Please... I need to register my m-audio FT C400, after trying to do so and after having provided all required information, form keeps telling me that the serial number is not valid.

Which number on the underside of the Interface is the serial number..?

All numbers I have used come back with "Serial Number not Valid"

I need this registered in order to get support for an amswer to a valid question, to posibly eliminate a return of my C400 interface

Can anyone help with this seemingly simple question



08-01-2012, 10:48 PM
Ok here is what I assume to be my serial number for my FT C400 (well it starts with BXDKH & then 9 digits)
At least thats what I used and then my registration was accepted. BTW the registartion form tells the serial number is typically found on your hardware... they lie. It is on the box you C400 came in. So if you have binned your box oops.

I have had to get up into the loft to find my box. What a complete cock up this is. For me the only saving grace is it is really a fantastic Interface. That is if I can get an honest answer from M-Audio regarding what their C$00 actually supplies in terms of Phantom power i.e is it guarranteed full 48V supply. My amswers to date have been
"as far as I know thye C400 supplies 48V phantom Power"