The OFFICIAL feedback/complain about Vista 64-bit MIDI driver status
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Thread: The OFFICIAL feedback/complain about Vista 64-bit MIDI driver status

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    Default The OFFICIAL feedback/complain about Vista 64-bit MIDI driver status

    Please post all feedback, comments, complaints, thoughts, feelings, etc, about the Vista 64-bit MIDI Driver Update Announcement to this thread. Any new threads created will be merged into this thread.

    *EDIT* Please see this thread for the latest 64-bit MIDI driver information.

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    That's bad. Anyway... will m-audio publish beta unsupported vista-64 drivers (like the fw1814 XP64 drivers)? (at least)...
    Soft : Vista64, Cubase Studio 5.
    Computer : Core i7 920, Asus P6T, 12 Gb ram, Gforce 9800gtx+.
    Gears : M-audio FW 1814, Oxygen 61, Midisport 8x8 (no working drivers yet).
    FireWire : Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller.

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    What's so different about Vista64 and Win7 x64 drivers? Almost every company releases one driver for both.

    I don't even care about that personally, though. What I want to know is whether Win7 x64 drivers will be released for my non-PnP MIDISport Uno.

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    It would have been awesome to read something on this subject that wasn't already 'common knowledge', but at least we finally got some official word that AVID isn't just leaving us hanging.

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    For a company so young, one would think "Aim to please" And to be compatible with ALL main stream OSs, even if it IS going down the crapper. If I had of taken the time to read this before, I would have gone with another brand. But thats MY downfall. New Toy gotta have it NOW syndrome :/

    Just a comment from a 53 year old business owner. Takeing shortcuts can sometimes come back to bite ya in the ass.

    Like I said, If I had of known, You would have lost a $249.00 sale. Cup of coffey right? They DO add up tho.

    But at least my keyboard works in vista64

    my 2 penneys
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    Default What's missing because you don't have a driver yet?

    Curious to know what functionality I'm missing out on by not having a driver for Vista 64. Trying to decide whether to keep the keyboard or not...I generally like it otherwise.....

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    This is extremely frustrating. I think at M-Audio should at LEAST re-visit production of Vista-64 drivers after completion of Windows7 preperation. This will continue to be a problem well after Windows 7 releases. How many more people will unknowingly buy an M-Audio product only to find out that they have to spend MORE money to upgrade their OS???
    Thanks for Listenening (Much Respect) =)

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    JA - Here are my questions. To save time, I've already answered them for you.
    Am I to understand that M-Audio will provide drivers to operate my legacy midisport devices in a 64 bit Windows 7 system? (answer: maybe yes, maybe no.)
    What is your currently planned release date for this driver? (answer: we don't know. if we did know, we wouldn't tell you anyway.)
    Will it be released before 2012? (answer: that depends on Microsoft's release schedule for Windows 11.)
    What motivated M-Audio to abandon any attempt to support the last three years of 64 bit operating systems? (answer: the surf was up and the waves were gnarly.)
    Thanks JA. You've been really helpful.
    BTW, if anyone is interested, I think I know where you can sell your 4x4 for $5 cash money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulMJohns View Post
    Curious to know what functionality I'm missing out on by not having a driver for Vista 64. Trying to decide whether to keep the keyboard or not...I generally like it otherwise.....
    You're completely losing the ability to run the Midisport (and other non-M-Audio supported) devices on Vista-64, so you're losing all functionality! If you don't need to run Vista-64, then you don't need to worry, but lots of us need to run 64-bit (better performance, more memory available etc. etc.).

    I should add that supposing these Win7 drivers aren't vapourware, this is excellent news, but I do think M-Audio should stick them at the front of the queue out of respect to its customers that have been left hanging for years waiting!

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    I recently upgraded my OS without checking the compatibility of the Oxygen8 (seems simple enough, WHY WOULD'T THEY HAVE A DRIVER?) and BAM! Now I have a useless keyboard that is a cheap decoration in my studio. I heard the drivers were coming up Sept. 1st...and I breathed a sigh of relief, then I just read "Late Sept." - My question is; for a corporation, how professional is it, to give all of their customers a "maybe". Someone told me I should have just stepped up the money and bought a Novation. I didn't because being a former employee of one of M-Audio's and Protools MAJOR distributors I knew that it would do what I needed it to. That was until I found out "If I could connect it or not". Not very professional, and not what I expect from M-Audio.

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