Fast Track Pro - Low Volume/Signal (is M-Audio bad company?)
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Thread: Fast Track Pro - Low Volume/Signal (is M-Audio bad company?)

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    Thumbs up Fast Track Pro - Low Volume/Signal/Gain (is M-Audio bad company?)

    Ok, it seems that M-Audio, is not a good company! why?
    Just take a look at the amount of people who have bought
    Fast Track Pro or Ultra and have Very low signal (volume) problems!

    I just got my Fast Track Pro today with Shure SM57.
    And i just can't record anything with my SM57 mic as i have to
    turn Gain nob to 98% - 100% to hear anything and even then i have
    to scream right into my mic to record anything.

    So... what kind of USB interface/pre-amp is that?
    I have googled for "fast track pro low signal problem" and i found like 100ds of posts about it and as far as i see M-Audio is not even thinking about providing any support.

    One thing, that is very interesting about it, is that many people say that it is ok, as SM57 is dynamic mic and you need another preamp to power it . bla bla bla...

    What i can say, is, that i have connected my $4 Mic that i use to voice chat on Skype right into my sound card and it is very very loud and i can record stuff with it even standing like 4 - 5 meters away and it will still pick my voice up. $4 Mic

    So why would you need a Fast Track Pro if it can't power SM57?
    and why 4$ Skype mic has MUCH MUCH better signal then SM57 with FTP?

    If i will not resolve this problem in 2 -3 days, i will send this unit back, and will never recommend M-Audio to anyone! I will better recomend built-in sound card and $3 - $4 mic.

    Please listen to a track that i have recorded with this $4 mic plugged into my sound card right in front of the guitar amp.

    how can this + sound card get soooo much better signal? and
    FTP + SM57 super low signal?

    Hope Support Team has anything interesting to say.
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    Here is an example of it:

    Listen to recording:

    And here are the settings i used - all maxed out:

    I hope there is someone who can help!

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    Make sure the Pad buton is not pushed in. Make sure the inst/line button is not pushed in. What audio software are you using? Just how low is the signal in that software? YOur $4 computer mic is an electret condenser mic, which is much more sensitive that your SM57.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    Your $4 computer mic is an electret condenser mic, which is much more sensitive that your SM57.
    So $4 Mic + Sound Card is more sensitive and better, louder sounding then
    ~$180 M-Audio + ~$100 SM57 ?

    Ok, of course i have Pad off and everything else set up correctly.
    You can see my settings on the picture here:

    and here is the mp3 file i have recorder with 98%-99% of volume

    Please take a listen and check the image to see that my Gain nob is all the way up to 98-99%

    So many people have this problem, i am surprised that it has not bin solved yet. I am looking into My Cable an SM57 mic to see if they have any problems.

    P.S. I have tried it on 2 different computers and 3 different programs. The same Effect. If i connect my headphones and try to speak into the mic, it has to be on 99-100% gain to hear anything.

    Thanks for your reply!
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    I would think you are having the issue most likely because you are using a dynamic microphone, and they require more gain because they are not powered. If you need to exceed the unit specifications, and you require more gain, then get a preamp, or try a different microphone. The FTP amplifies the microphone as powerful as it supports.

    Its not as much to do with the FTP as it is with the microphone you are using. I use a condenser just fine. Did you check the sensitivity or the gain specifications? That could be why its not coming through loud. The smaller mic is much better in quality than the Dynamic you are trying to use.

    If you are going to recommend to people that they use a built-in sound-card and a $4 mic, you do not need to give people recommendations, lol. You just got to research about what you are trying to do before you go and do it.

    What software are you using to record in? You can have the software amplify the signal much more and much higher than the hardware supports, and I can try to show you how.
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    Ok, i have posted on few more forums and i think you are right. But then how do i record vocals ? do i have to turn Gain nob to 98-100%? and scream into it? and on 98% gain and higher there is noise too. And if i want to record guitar i have to get my Vox VT30 amp so loud that all apartment block will hear it. What can you suggest/recommend?

    I am using Audob Audition to record. But if i record my guitar with my SM57 wit very low signal then make it louder in software it will not be the same tone i think.

    Thanks for trying to help me!

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    What if you are singing something like Nothing Else Matters?
    You need the mic to be loud on 50% and 100% very loud. I think i just have wasted my money.
    As i cant record anything with this SM57 it is not loud enough and i have seen videos where people
    got this Pod 6 Studio UX2 which is about the same price as FTP and just plug SM57 in it and record at very high
    volume level, how would you do podcasts with FTP then? Still can not understand it

    Do i have to get another pre-amp to be able to record normal voice?
    I will try recording tomorrow evening again and see what i have before sending all that stuff back

    JB LSTV wrote:
    1) Well vocals are decently loud, certainly louder than talking voice which means you don't need to have the gain at 100%. I usually end up setting gain around 50%-75% when recording vocals with the SM57.
    at 50% my mic picks up almost nothing at all. and i have to sing very very loud at 98% to record.
    and if i want a normal vocal line like Nothing Else Matters i have to have it on 100% and even that will not be anough.

    There definitely is some sort of a flaw in this SM57 + FTP combination.

    What i think, that M-Audio has very weak pre-amp for mic, if Pod 6 Studio UX2 has a better one i will just swap them and issue solved.

    But thanks anyway guys. you are very helpful.

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    Default I have the same problem

    I have a Fast Track Pro which came bundled with Ableton Live. I can record my guitar without a problem but input levels from a microphone are unworkably low. I already had two mics and neither worked, so I went out and bought a Sure SM58. It is exactly the same. With the input level on max and the mic at my lips I can get a distorted signal. Otherwise the sound is 'far, far away'. There must be a solution or the product would not be fit for purpose. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I know why, i have figured all out... i am going to work now, will be here after 8 hours - will tell you all i have discovered.

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    Thanks, I am anxious to learn from your experience. You may have noticed I have posted my own thread on the same subject to see if I can get a response from M-Audio.

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