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    i just got the fast track pro and need help setting up the hardware with ableton 7. if anyone could just give me the basic idea of the best way to set them up for dj'ing that would be great

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    From Live's Audio Preferences, make sure you have selected the Fast Track Pro (ASIO driver on PC). There is a lesson built into Live 7 explaining how to setup and DJ. Go to the Help Menu>Lessons Table of Contents>DJing with Live

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    thank you, but can you explain, or direct me to a video, how to set up the a/b outputs for like pre-hearing samples before they go to the main out, i mean, i have sound coming out, i just dont know if i have the right cords plugged into the right outputs and inputs. Right now i just have the outputs 1 and 2 on the back going into a mixer to speakers, i just want to know the right way to set everything up, hardware-wise.

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    To setup a cue output, enable outputs 3/4 in the audio preferences and then assign the cue out in Ableton Live to outputs 3/4. Go into the Options menu and enable the Cue Switches. Now when you click on the Cue button you should have that audio routed to outputs 3/4.

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    thanks a lot. appreciate it

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