1/2 input lag? windows 7?
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Thread: 1/2 input lag? windows 7?

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    Default 1/2 input lag? windows 7?

    I just installed the latest m-audio beta windows 7 driver for my audiophile 24/96. It seems to work great except I notice significant lag on the 1/2 input... from the point I play a note on my keyboard, to when the sound is detected by the m-audio control panel. It's very apparent when I have windows output the audio to speakers.

    it's hard to say how large the latency is (it's sub-second), but it seems significant enough (maybe ~300ms?). It's been a while since I used this card for win xp but I do not remember noticing this.

    Am I missing something? is there a way I can diagnose this?

    Running win7 on core i7, asus P6T motherboard.


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    What software are you using?

    Are your speakers connected to the 24/96 or the built-in sound card on your computer?

    The lower the buffer size, the lower the latency.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    No software, I will be using cubase but first I'm trying to figure out this latency problem.

    My speakers are connected to the built-in sound card, HOWEVER, I see in the m-audio delta control panel that audio readings appear lagged as well, and match the speaker output. So the sound from my speakers coincides with when the m-audio console shows the green bar audio spikes.

    But I can clearly feel and hear (through keyboard phones output) that there is latency compared to when m-audio control panel displays the reading.

    Key pressed at t=0 to generate audio
    Audio heard from keyboard headphone jack at t=0
    Audio shown by M-audio control anel at t=0+t1
    Audio heard from PC speakers also at t=0+t1

    and t1 feels to be about 200ms or so.. hard to characterize but definitely too high.

    So the latency appears to be caused by the card.

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    You need to connect your speakers to the Audiophile 24/96. Check out this FAQ for instructions on how to setup direct monitoring through the Delta control panel. This will allow you to monitor your inputs with no latency or delay. You can do this without any other applications open.

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    Hello, I have somewhat of the same problem. However Ive connected a synth on inputport 3 and 4 on my Delta 1010LT and opened this ports in Cubase studio 4 so that I can monitor everything in the sequencer. Usin W7 and 8Gig RAM. Recording midinotes is no problem and the notes are positioned correctly. However after recording/playing for a while, the audio suddenly get out of sync. Not the notes thats already recorded, but the notes when I play along. If I stop the playback, and only play on my synth, its back to normal again. Anyone in for a possible solution? That would really be helpful!

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