Midisport Uno USB Problem - No Midi-In Signal???
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Thread: Midisport Uno USB Problem - No Midi-In Signal???

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    Default Midisport Uno USB Problem - No Midi-In Signal???

    Hi all,

    My problem is fairly straightforward:

    My friend has an M-Audio Keystation 49e that I am trying to use on Windows XP laptop.

    I have updated the Keystation 49e drivers and Midi Series II drivers (?).

    I realized two weeks ago that I would need someway to transfer the midi information from the keyboard to my laptop. So I purchased the M-Audio Midisport Uno 1x1. After installing the included Midisport Uno drivers, I made sure to also download the most updated drivers on the M-Audio website.

    On my program (Mixcraft 4...cheap I know) that I know for a fact has midi capabilities, there was no sound. No recognition of any midi signal. So I went to the FAQ section and downloaded the MIDI-OX program to test my midi input and output.

    When I opened the program, the Midi output section had two options: (1) Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth and (2) Midi Mapper. HOWEVER, there was absolutely nothing in the Midi input section (when I opened the program, it even notified me that NO MIDI INPUT DEVICES ARE DETECTED).

    So my question is, WHAT IS GOING ON???!!

    Some useful information would be to note that the back of the Keystation 49e has a "MIDI OUT" input but no "MIDI IN" input. As a result, right now I have the usb portion of the Midisport Uno plugged into my laptop but only the midi out cable plugged into the Keystation 49e (thus the midi in cable on the Midisport Uno is simply dangling, unplugged and doing nothing....though I have tried plugging that one into the keyboard but have had identical results).

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure out what is going on. I feel the answer is fairly simply (such as there should be something for me to plug the mid-in cable into) but being relatively naive with music technology, I am at a dead end. Do I need to buy a new midi interface or is mine sufficient?

    Thank you all soooo much in advance



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    Return the Midisport Uno, you don't need it. The Keystation 49e sends MIDI into the computer over USB. The Keystation's MIDI output is for connecting to external devices like sound modules.

    With the latest Keystation drivers installed, connect the Keystation, then check the device manager to see if the M-Audio driver loaded successfully:


    If it's not recognized, try connecting to different USB ports.

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    i am actally having the same problem. im trying to use my mikrokorg as a midi controller for ableton live but it gives me no input options, as well as the light on the device for input is not lit. this is very frusterating and ive been dealing with it for quite a while.

    any help is appreciated..

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    yeah i have a microkorg and i bought this product and mine also wont light up (midi in) but in the program im using Fl studio 9, the computer sees the software but when i go to enable it, fl says "external Error" please help :/

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