Keystation 49e windows 7 driver
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Thread: Keystation 49e windows 7 driver

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    Default Keystation 49e windows 7 driver

    I installed windows 7 and now keystation 49e is not being recognized. Tried the vista drivers but they don't want to install either.

    Searching through all the device drivers on the M-audio website i see absolutely NO win7 drivers for any product. Why hasn't M-audio released Win7 drivers for their products to at least coincide with windows 7 launch?

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    there are some beta drivers for some controllers on the bottom of the forums you may what to check out.
    Model: Dell Mini 9 / Custom
    OS: XP SP3
    CPU: 1.6Mhz Atom / P4 3.2Mhz
    Memory: 2GB / 1GB
    M-Audio Product: Axiom 49
    Interface Software: Reason 4.0.1 & Ableton Live 8.0.4

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    I've just bought this keyboard and encountered the same problem,

    I'm running Windows 7 64bit version. I've seen on the forum they have the Keynote 49i but not the keystation 49e which I would argue is their best selling item...

    Really upset now I've just paid £60 for a keyboard and I can't use it.

    I've even tried running XP in virtual box but the latency in Reason (which I'm using) is high without even trying the keyboard.

    Please please please release drivers for Keystation 49 64bit Win 7!!!

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    If I have to test them privately that's no issue either!!!

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    The Keystation 49e is plug and play on Windows; connect the keyboard and Windows will install the drivers automatically. If prompted to search for drivers, browser your computer and point the search to the C:\ drive.

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    Even on windows 7 64bit???

    Sorry If I didn't make that clear.. My keyboard arrives tomorrow

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    Would it be better to use the asio4all drivers on windows 7 64bit or use the "plug and play" that you describe are built in to win7 JA? Thanks for your help.

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    I can confirm this works perfectly with drivers built into windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit!! Nice work!

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    well my windows 7 ultimate 32bit doesnt seem to like it. keeps showing up unknown usb device.
    Make/Model: ASROCk x58 extreme
    Operating System: windows 7 pro 64bit version
    Processor: Intel Core i7-975 Extreme 3.33GHz
    RAM: 6 Gb triple channel ddr3
    M-Audio Devices & Driver Versions:
    delta 44_ working ,
    keystation 49e_ working ,
    wire solo_not working

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    Do you have the release candidate / RTM version or an actual version since release. I've been scouting around and there are some issues with drivers on pre-release win 7 versions.

    Have you tried a differn't usb port ?? - You could also try a program called Driver Cleaner and remove the drivers if they've uninstalled incorrectly.


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