Plugged speakers into audio-out of an audio interface (M-Audio Firewire Solo)?
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Thread: Plugged speakers into audio-out of an audio interface (M-Audio Firewire Solo)?

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    Default Plugged speakers into audio-out of an audio interface (M-Audio Firewire Solo)?

    So I have a M-Audio Firewire Solo (audio interface) and it has an audio out for you to plug headphones into for monitoring. I set the audio interface as my main audio playback device (using it as a soundcard so to speak instead of using the built in soundcard). Normally, I would plug only headphones into it, and everything works fine. This time, I plugged speakers into the audio output, one of those speakers that are powered by a wall outlet. The sounds that were produced had a lot of static in it, and I thought my speakers were broken. Later, when I was playing around with it, I noticed that when I turned off the power on the speakers, they worked fine (my audio interface was powering it). This means my speakers work, but when I plug them into an iPod for example, the sound again is very static. My conclusion is that because I had the power on and it was plugged into my audio interface that also provided power, the amplifier in the speaker or something fried. That's not a problem, they were cheap speakers. The only thing is, now, whenever I do recordings using my audio interface, and I playback, sometimes it has static in it. Did plugging the speakers with power on into the audio-out ruin or destroy something in my audio interface that is causing this (like the amplifier in the audio out?), or should plugging in the speaker have no problem. Thanks a lot!
    I just don't want to spend another few hundred bucks buying another interface! but the static is very, very annoying!

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    If you plugged your powered speakers into the headphone output, it is possible that you damaged them (though this is unlikely because it is not a lot of power). You need to connect speakers to the line outputs on the back of the FW Solo.

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