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Thread: Evolution MK125 Dance Station Software

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    I just bought a Evolution MK-361C ? do I qualify?
    Thank You

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    Right i have got this going again Not on the Dance station software tho but i was use one of thos USB to midi leads of ebay and Magic Music make 16 but any work
    It also works at a mapping device so it can be used on Vurtual djs sample screen
    some one needs to rights a cueing software that you can cue and record when a wav file is played but it works fine

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    I’m not sure if Jared still works there but I am experiencing the same problem. I haven’t used this program in years but wanted something easy for my kids to start off with but it will not load on to my computers. One is Win 7 and the other is XP. I have the Evolution Dance Station v1.04 disc and the MK 125 keyboard. I don’t see a serial # on the keyboard. I can take a pic of it and scan the label underneath the keyboard if you like. I would like to try out the Ableton Live Lite. So if you can supply me with the download link and he serial # it would greatly be appreciated.
    Is there any way to get the disc I have to work in a newer OS computer?
    Such a shame for it to go to waste?

    Thanks for your help

    Tito Cardoway

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    Well fed up with not being able to use the keyboard i purchase a usb to midi lead and a power supply for the keyboard and found that it works as a full midi keyboard i have used Magix Music maker but that crashes all the time so i downloads acid by sony and it works as a midi keyboard it also works as a midi controller as well but there still is nothing as good as the software that came with is

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