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    Ditto everything that has already been said. I'm a guitarist and singer. Keyboards are foreign territory for me. Somebody would make a fortune if they published a GOOD tutorial book and/or video that explains how one of these things works, from the ground up, through the very beginning basics all the way to implementing it with advanced high-end software like Cubase and ProTools.

    Aim it at the person who understands music and recording (DAW), but is a complete noob regarding the use of the keyboard device.

    Include demonstrations of the functions and small projects and exercises to walk you through the process. If it were patterned off of the graphic software books similar to the "Hands-On Training" (for Flash, Dreamweaver, etc), that would be stellar.

    Not all of us come to M-Audio products knowing what patches are, or how to use them, or how to change parameters. I know I don't, and I've had my Axiom 49 for a couple of years now (still has that new keyboard smell, because all I have managed to do is touch keys and have a note appear in Cubase).

    Always assume the lowest common denominator is your customer, and embrace their needs while fulfilling the needs of advanced users too.

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    I've had my gen 1 Axiom 49 for some years but it hasn't been used to its potential because I couldn't get my head around the manual. In the last week or so I've decided to get a proper grip on it so that I can better value from my investment.

    I've read the manual from cover to cover in fine detail, crossing out anything not relevant to my model and scribbling in a lot of cross references from section to section. I think I'm starting to work out how it fits together.

    I'm considering rewriting, or at least writing an interpretation of, the manual, both to help me improve my understanding but also to pass it on to anyone else who would like it. This could take some time, so don't hold your breath while waiting for it. I might try doing it in sections rather than trying to deliver a completed document.

    The documentation for the appropriately named Enigma editor is even worse and in combination, understanding the setup has been a struggle. I'm primarily interested in getting the thing working with my own system which includes Cubase 6 running in Mac OS X Lion. I'll be concentrating first on the basic stuff like transport and mixer controls. I'll let you know how the project goes and will look forward to constructive help.


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    iMac/4GB ram/OS X 10.6
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