fast track ultra - can't get second headphone port working.
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Thread: fast track ultra - can't get second headphone port working.

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    Default fast track ultra - can't get second headphone port working.

    I'm using reaper and I read somewhere that the 2nd headphone port has a different output mix of 3/4?

    Is this correct and how do I get it to work the same as port 1.


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    I can't figure it out!!!

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    On the monitor 3/4 tab of the Fast Track Ultra control panel, turn up the software return channels 1/2.

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    Its all greyed out on the knobs for 3/4

    Silly me just read that the power supply must be in for 2 headphone ports
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    same here boss

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    You must have the unit plugged into wall power and you must be using a USB 2 port.
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    Hope it's not too late to answer your question but in Reaper on the master track you have to click on the little i/o button and add a hardware output I think it is. From the drop down box it'll will be something like Fast Track Ultra 3 and 4. Hope that helps!

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    There are multiple ways to achieve what you want is part of why this thread is so confusing.

    Out of the box. on the ftu digital return 1 and 2 are r and l of headphone one and 3 and 4 ar R and L of headphone 2.

    but it doesn't have to be that way.

    If you want the same mix in both headphones then you can modify the controls for 3/4 so that digital return 1/2 are up and digital return 3/4 are not used.

    regardless of how you route it to enable outputs 3/4 and 5/6 you need to have the ftu plugged into power when it's turned on.
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