Can Pro Tools Be Installed On Multiple Computers?
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Thread: Can Pro Tools Be Installed On Multiple Computers?

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    Default Can Pro Tools Be Installed On Multiple Computers?

    Okay, so ive recently gotten into a band and we are writing and recording our stuff and then rerecording it and putting time into protools trying to make it better, but the problem is we can only record and edit at his house. Is there anyone I can install protools on my computer so it will run?
    I heard i would need an Ilok and authorization key, how would i go about getting those?

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    By purchasing protools
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    you can install it on as many computers as you like, but it will not run without the iLok key

    so you could install it on everyone's computer in your band, but then you would have to pass around the iLok key

    the iLok comes with protools mpowered

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