Do I need an audio interface?
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Thread: Do I need an audio interface?

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    Default Do I need an audio interface?

    I will be buying cubase5 and would only be creating music using the virtual instruments contained within, no external recording. I was wondering if I would benefit from using an audio interface and/or an external sound card. If so, any recommendations? thanks.

    Here are my specs:
    laptop: hp pavilion dv6700: amd turion x2 core2duo processor, conexant high definition smartaudio 221 integrated sound card, 4gb ram.
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    well for cubase,im not too sure but i dont think you need a specific chain of interfaces. But im guessing your going to be recording from a MIDI source. Since your only Recording MIDI it doesnt really matter what you get as long as it has MIDI imputs. but what i would do is just go to Guitar Center and look at the Audio Interfaces in there,that will show you which ones are out and the Top Sellers and such.

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    Agreed, if you're only using MIDI, then you dont really need a low latency ASIO sound device. I would look into getting a decent MIDI interface though:

    I personally dont use MIDI much, but something I'm going to start getting into more.


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    ya, i was looking at the midisport 2x2, but it doesn't have a headphoune out. As an alternative, I was looking at the fast track pro 4x4. I can find it for about 180. Is the price difference worth it? Would the sound quality be bad if I just listened straight out of my laptop?

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