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    Working with MIDI is relatively new for me, and the Axiom 25 User Guide and Quick Start PDF seem to be written for people with more experience at it. I can play the synths in Logic with my Axiom 25, but I don't understand how to use the various features and controls. I've been looking for a third-party instruction book (Axiom 25 for Dummies?) but I haven't found anything, and the video tutorials I found on YouTube weren't basic enough. Can anyone recommend a book or tutorial series, or some other source of information that will help me learn this machine?

    If there are no published instructions for the Axiom 25 beyond the M-Audio documents, then maybe someone can recommend a good MIDI primer.

    Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help.
    Mac OS X 10.4.11
    1.67 GHz PowerPC G4
    1.5 GB DDR SDRAM
    Logic 8.0.2
    Axiom 25 and a bunch of dulcimers and kalimbas

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    My friend don't bother 'cause even if you scream your head off, nobody is going to listen to you. M-Audio people does not want to waste their time and money printing Manuals for people like you and me. Ametuer are of no concern to them, you'll have to find your own ways, how to operate their products. [Don't you see, no one has even respond to your S.O.S. message]
    As for me I stopped purchasing their PLASTIC products and I would advice you the same. There are good products in the markets which give the same or may be more, performance in terms of quality and value, like YAMAHA, ALESIS, KORG.... etc. and believe me they make products for ametuer and professional alike without discremination.

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