Fast Track USB "Unable to locate M-Audio Hardware..."
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Thread: Fast Track USB "Unable to locate M-Audio Hardware..."

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    Default Fast Track USB "Unable to locate M-Audio Hardware..."

    Although i've seen it posted here more than a few times, I couldn't resolve this.
    I Have the Fast Track USB installed on Win XP SP3. with Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8.0.2
    Every time I try to load it , I get the "unable to locate..." messege.
    I tried everything. including uninstalling and reinstalling latest drivers for fast track and changing usb ports but nothing works.
    also, it works fine with other software, but i want pro tools!
    Please HELP!

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    Doron have you been into device manager and made sure in sound category that fast track is listed opposed to usb audio device? sometimes installing the drivers isn't enough you have to go in there and update them to the m-audio fast track ones (has happen to me several times)

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