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    Angry Fast track pro / waves grt3

    Hello Everyone

    I have a Fast Track Pro, and i updated the drivers to 6.0 recently, and uninstalled ASIO4ALL (it was interfering with the ASIO drivers on the device already). THe program im trying to use is called Waves GTR3, its a great amp emulator and its all direct in, What I am trying to do is use this application and record it with whatever (Fruity loops 9xxl, Sonar, Pro-tools M-powered etc.) What I am having trouble with is it seems only one application can recognize the Fast Track Pro's ASIO driver.

    Unfortunately what I am coming to realize is that the Fast Track Pro only has one ASIO interface. My roommate has a EMU 1616, and his product uses a GUI mixer interface with virtual channels, so he can emulate any number of ASIO outputs it wants.

    basicly what i need to know is there anyway i can use this amp emulating software? Is there a way to use more then one ASIO interface with applications? is there a way to open up GTR as a plug in with reWire? or has anyone had luck with other emulators such as POD amp farm?

    PLEASE help i will forever be grateful, even pointing me in the right direction.


    Computer: 3.2 Single core intel pentium 4 Prescott
    Interface: Fast Track Pro
    RAM: 2 Gig's
    OS: Windows XP Pro, SP3

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    Cool Figured it out!

    figured it out! i downloaded GTR3 as a separate application (unnecessary), i forgot that Protools M-powered has Waves GTR3 as a plug in already.

    after allot of I/O routing, i was able to set 1/2 input, with the GTR3 plug in, all my presets were loaded -- good to go


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