PT8 start-up Freezes on 'Structure.dpm'
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Thread: PT8 start-up Freezes on 'Structure.dpm'

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    Default PT8 start-up Freezes on 'Structure.dpm'

    I just reinstalled my old computer with windows XP Pro, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00Ghz and 2gb of RAM.
    So i was gona make this into my studio computer just for temporary,but when i installed PT8, When it loads up, it freezes on the plugin 'structure.dpm'. i did a lil google search and some say it is because of IE8? I do have IE8 installed. Could that be the only problem?

    When i had PT8 installed on my windows 7 PC,that still had IE8 and it worked fine,seems like XP has more problems than W7-_- what should i do?

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    Try removing 'structure.dpm' from your pro-tools plugins folder temporarily and make sure you back that file up and see if it works


    check this link out and see if it applies to you:
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    actually i just uninstalled IE8, its not so bad having IE7, but that fixed the problem. thanks though.

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