M-Audio Producer USB - Installed but not connected?
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Thread: M-Audio Producer USB - Installed but not connected?

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    Default M-Audio Producer USB - Installed but not connected?

    Hi, Ok, so I was recording with no problems and then I got some feedback, and sometime after that the mic just stopped working. First GarageBand recognized the mic but after "recording" it was silent. System Preferences would recognize the mic but no sound would go through.

    After un-installing and re-installing, and turning off the computer several times the mic wouldn't be recognized. System preferences wouldn't recognize the mic at all.

    I tried working it on my PC and no luck either. It would install fine, but the PC wont recognize the mic either. The little blue light on the mic turns on, but the mic isn't recognized either on the PC or the Mac Book. What is wrong? What do I need to do? Its not the driver because it installs fine, but the mic is not being recognized.

    -MacBook Pro
    -Operating System: OSX 10.5.8
    -Software: Garageband
    -Mic: M-Audio Producer USB
    -Ram: 2 GB

    *** Could it be that the feedback blew out my microphone?
    *** It was recording perfectly fine on the same day just a few hours before.


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    could it be that you have he anti feedback feature in garage band on and it's blocking input?
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    I doubt it, a couple times i did get an error message saying "feed back detected" and the monitoring automatically turned off. But either way the computer itself wont recognize the mic. With or without garageband, the MacBook's system preferences does not give me the "Producer USB" option when choosing my audio input. The installed m-audio application/installer thing even says "device not connected", although the mic's blue light is on. But thanks anyways,

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