Oxygen 88 vs Keystation pro 88
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Thread: Oxygen 88 vs Keystation pro 88

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    Default Oxygen 88 vs Keystation pro 88

    Any input or comparison between these two?

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    I was about to start a topic about this comparison myself. I'm on the market for a controller around the 500$-800$ and I'm interested on having a good piano feel.

    I've been looking for reviews on the oxygen 88 but they are nowhere to be found so I gather the controller is not yet available to be bought?

    I hope that someone can provide info on a comparison between the two. The controls seem to be different and there's no lcd anymore. Is the oxygen 88 better on this regard?

    The keys: has the feel been improved? Some complains about the keystation 88 was that it was a bit noisy, the keys were too bouncy making it hard to play an expressive piece.

    I hope someone can provide a good opinion on these issues.

    Thank you.

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    I've sent messages via contacts, wrote on the forums...M-Audio doesn't seem to be doing a very good job of promoting their products.
    People want information but just can't get it.

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    I have a Keystation 88. I like it. I suppose someone who played piano more seriously than me might be bothered by the difference in the feel of they keys, but I find them to be responsive enough to get a wide range of velocities. You can also even adjust the velocity profile, how the keys respond to being struck in terms of how the velocity with which they're struck translates into the velocity sent to MIDI. They're probably a bit bouncier than a real keyboard, but the weighted feel is still pretty solid. With a sustain pedal, I think it sounds and plays great.

    I still use a Win XP 32 bit OS so you might want to check into how well it works with other OS'es. In fact, I'd appreciate hearing whatever you find out about that.


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    The keyscan on the Oxygen 88 is different; and the velocity tables have been redesigned and optimized to give a more expressive playing experience. Both keyboards have the same keybed. The Oxygen 88 features DirectLink which automatically maps the controls (faders, knobs, buttons, transport) to supported DAW's. See www.m-audio.com/directlink for more information.

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    Thank you both your inputs gn0m0n and Jared.
    It's still very hard to find info on this keyboard. I search for reviews on youtube and well google and nothing. I'd love to see the keyboard in action.

    So as I understand it, it's the same feel as the keystation pro 88 then? Because that's easier to find.

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