Delta 1010lt : no sound in ASIO
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Thread: Delta 1010lt : no sound in ASIO

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    Question Delta 1010lt : no sound in ASIO

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here.

    I have a problem : I recently installed the 1010LT card in my computer, along with the latest driver (
    Windows 7 x64 has sounds, but when I either start Sonar or FL Studio, no sound comes out of my speakers. They're both configured to the Delta ASIO.
    When FL Studio's configured to the "main audio device", there's sound.
    To test, I downloaded ASIO for all, but it's the same problem, no sound when I choose that device.

    Help? Thank you for reading my post. I know my way around computers a bit, but I can't solve that one yet.

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    When that happens to me it is usually because I have the speakers connected to the wrong 1010lt leads or the sliders in control panel are set wrong. Been there done that too.

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    ASIO4ALL is a very buggy driver setup, and I wouldn't suggest using it, but Organtechnology has it almost spot on.

    Generally, yes, it's because you're connected to the wrong outputs, or the control panel is turned down, however you may also not have the outputs configured correctly in the software you're using. Select the Delta ASIO driver, yes, but don't forget to make sure you're selecting the correct output for your main outs.
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    Thank you for replying.
    Indeed, I am still a neophyte with all those INs and OUTs. I could assign the OUTs in Sonar (Master and tracks) though not yet in FL Studio.
    Well, got it to work, it releived some percentage of my life stress.
    Thanks again.

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