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    I hate to be a downer, but I am very unhappy with avid, m-audio, pro studo, whatever you want to call it.

    This is the first time I have purchased a musical instrument in my life and I am 24. I bought, from what I can tell an " M-Audio|KeyStudio " keyboard. Quotes are required because there is no model number, model version, nothing worth any useful information that names this keyboard for me to google.

    Being a Software Engineer, I know very well the disk needs to be installed before the hardware. Fine. Install the disk, reboot computer, and !!! my $2000 laptop that NEVER fails, is failing. AWESOME JOB AVID.

    After debugging, and fixing my broken pc, back to avid.

    Next I did a repair install, reboot computer, same error, except for the SECOND time i know how to fix it.

    So here I sit now, keyboard plugged in, audio thingie plugged in, software apparently "successfully" installed, and now I get to make some sounds right?

    WRONG. Why would Avid's software work with their hardware ? That wouldn't make sense.

    Here is error: "Unable to locate Avid Hardware"

    Please help me fix. Or tell me how to use it with another program that is not a complete waste of space.

    Vista Business SP1

    Dell Intel Core 2 Duo CPU


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    Pro Tools is looking for the Micro USB audio interface, not the keyboard; however, the Pro Tools SE software is not supported on Windows Vista. www.m-audio.com/ptseFAQ.

    The Micro USB audio interface and Keystudio keyboard can still be used with any Audio and MIDI capable software. What exactly are you looking to do? What sort of sounds are you looking for?

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