high pitched noise with logic pro 8...please help
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Thread: high pitched noise with logic pro 8...please help

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    Default high pitched noise with logic pro 8...please help

    When I try and run logic I get a high-pitched whine coming from my monitors and I dont know whats causing it.

    The whine only occurs with logic (not G. Band) and doesn't occur when I run logic from my Macbook Pro. Its not very loud... but its there. From other forums Ive managed to learn (or deduce) that it might be because my cables are unbalanced (I wouldn't know an unbalanced cable from a lamp post If so why isn't the whine occurring when I run from my Macbook pro?

    Please help

    I'm running logic on a 2.4 imac with an m-audio fast track pro and esi near o5 experience monitors ( trs connection) latest drivers (Apple and M-audio) installed.

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    If it were a cabling issue you were hear the noise with all applications. Do you have anything connected to the Fast Track Pro's inputs (such as a microphone)?

    Have you tried trashing Logic's preferences?

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    Hello. Thank you very much for answering.
    I have nothing else connected to the Fast Track Pro. (Its running off bus power)
    What do you mean by "trashing" logic's preferences? I've tried switching between the device preferences from fast track to internal and back again. I've even reinstalled logic but to no avail. I'm thinking this might be the fault of the bus power interfering with the signal. I have unfortunately mislaid the external power adaptor (but have ordered another one) so it'll be a short while before I can try out this option.

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    Since the problem is exclusive to Logic, you may want to try deleting Logic's preferences files. They're located:

    Macintosh HD>Users>UserName>LIbrary>Preferences> com.apple.LogicVersion.plist
    Macintosh HD>Users>UserName>LIbrary>Preferences>Logic> com.apple.logic.version

    I would suggest moving these files to the desktop (don't permanently delete them yet). When you relaunch Logic it will recreate these files. If for some reason more problems arise you can put these files back.

    I would also recommend repairing disk permissions. On your OS X system drive, go in the Applications>Utilities folder and double-click the Disk Utility. Select your system boot volume on the left (the named drive), and then click the First Aid tab on the right; then click the button on that page that says Repair Disk Permissions.

    This will take a few minutes, it is a general maintenance routine for the OS, very important to ensure the proper functioning of MIDI and audio.

    Also, do you hear the noise if you playback from iTunes?

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    Many thanks.
    I'll try out your suggestions and get back to you.


    No the problem does not occur with itunes

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    Hi its me again.

    I managed to fing only one of the preferences you mention. The second wasn't there. I dragged it to desktop...but to no avail. The noise is still there.
    Disk permissions are also repaired. To repeat my answer to your previous question about i-tunes. No the problem doesn't occur when I play music through the ft pro. Just with logic. ...This is starting to worry me

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    Have you tried running off wall power?

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    Default I've given up...

    Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah I've tried wall power. The problem was only marginally better (quieter)
    The good news is though, that my (brand new) Fast track pro is now gathering dust in a cupboard because when I interface through my keyboard controller / synth (I won't mention the company it works like a dream...no noise. Anyone want to buy a slightly used FTP?

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    Jacek, I had the exact same problem. Though i fixed it.


    Ok ready for the rest....

    You need to uninstall the fast track pro drivers, with the unistall option that comes with the latest driver package. Restart.

    Don't install the drivers right away, Load up Logic pro, select the settings you want, most importantly 41000 or 48000 sample rate as Logic tells the FTP what sample rate to work at.

    Turn on you FTP (again without loading the drivers). Also select the FTP inputs and out puts in the Mac os system preferences. Also load mainstage.

    Next belive it or not, with the two other programs running, load the lastest drivers now for the FTP, restart.

    when your computer is restarting turn off your fast track pro, load mac os,

    go into system preferences and click on fast track pro, just watch it though,

    load logic, then start a new project. then turn on FTP. and watch what it says about the sample rate thats the key.

    also select FTP in the MAC os system preferences. IN and out.

    and that worked for me. now i'm able to use logic and mainstage, prefectly.

    If that still doesn't work, you have to uninstall the FTP again restart, and in logic as the samlpe rate choose 41000 before you install or turn on your FTP. but the crappy part is i think your other recordings would be screwed.

    One more tip, FREEZE (read the manual) tracks that you have added effects to or software instruments, this will stop the system overload message you might also get, once you get past this obstacle.

    Good luck


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    Wanted to point out that while the FTP solution didn't help I did have a similar issue with LP. By deleting the Logic pref files as described earlier in this thread I was able to get back to business, so those reading this who may not have the exact issue should give it a try.

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