Error Code 2753 while Installing M-Audio Micro Driver 6.0.2 (x64)
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Thread: Error Code 2753 while Installing M-Audio Micro Driver 6.0.2 (x64)

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    Default Error Code 2753 while Installing M-Audio Micro Driver 6.0.2 (x64)

    I recently installed the Fast Track with Pro Tools M-Powered. Today I bought the Avid KeyStudio. It came with Pro Tools SE and the Micro Driver. SE installed just fine, but the Micro Driver gives me an error message with the error code 2753. I have look online and have found solutions that worked for other people regarding "delta*" files, but those did not apply to me. Can anyone help?

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    you can't have two versions of pro tools installed or two sets of drivers on same machine.
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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks! That would definitely explain the problem then.

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