midi controller best suited for fruity loop???
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Thread: midi controller best suited for fruity loop???

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    Default midi controller best suited for fruity loop???

    Hey everyone. I recently purchased fruity loops because making beats on cubase just wasnt cutting it for me. I was wondering if anyone could recomend a midi keyboard that works good with fruity loops? my axiom pro has no settings for fl and the transport does nothing. I do love my axiom pro, and would buy a similar controller.

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    In no way shape or form do I claim to know that much about all of this. I'll just pass along what I've learned and maybe it will help. I got an Oxygen 8 when they were new (specifically the midiman "older" version) I used it quite abit with fl studios, as basically a soft synth for use with my standalone synths and keyboards. (lots of shared FX pedals with my guitar ect.) I never really got beyond this basic functionality as far as midi controllers go (for example I only have a vague understanding of the transport function you are refering too) I recently got it back from a friend I loaned it to, I no longer had any of the original drivers/discs or the computer I used it on. a couple months ago I had some trouble getting the drivers fully working/a beta version of FL 9, so I'm not sure if it was a windows 7 64bit issue or what, but I had no problems getting it going this time. I dinked around with FL for a bit, still worked like I remembered it to, some noisey clicks and other latency issues when pushed abit FX wise and what not (my laptop is a cheap acer, a good buy but by no means what I would like) I jumped over to Reason (a program I've been re-learning lately) it does all FL does for me, but I haven't noticed to much latency or noise.
    So in my humble conclusion, look into other softwares first like Reason or Abelton (I've only briefly dinked with this one, but it's been quite the talk lately) see what your axiom can do (I'm also ignorant of it's specifics) if it is a hardware limitation then perhaps getting another piece of midi gear is your only route, the newer oxygen 8 (or 12 ect. basically what your budget can handle, I think my friend picked up the new OX 8 for around $125 at guitar center, i seen an old one at a pawn shop for $50) are suffice in terms of simple controlers.

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    not to mention FL Studios is a bit limited compared to the newer programs in terms of beat production. I am loyal to FLS, but I wouldn't recommend it to you if you're just starting out, you might as well cut your teeth on something a bit more complicated and then go back to FLS which will be a user friendly (albeit simplistic) refresher and quite fun. The basic sequencer that comprises the majority of FLS is but one piece of other programs. sure there are basically the same plugins ect. for each "Brand" but I just thought I should mention this. Good Luck. QZ

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