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    Unhappy enigma manual?

    I have the axiom 61. and am using FL studio 7. windows XP SP2

    The set-up preset files provided on this site do not work in that version.
    My question, is there an in-depth manual for enigma? Even after reading through this site and watching you tube videos, I don't know how to relate the data to FL7. Mainly, transport controls.


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    The setup files posted here work. Did you press "recall" and enter "1" on the Axiom's keypad to recall the settings? Were all groups (A,B,C, & D) active on the keyboard? Did you setup the Axiom as a Tascam US-428 controller as described in the included instructions? After you press the play button and it changes to display the MIDI CC transmitted, what CC appears? Is it 146? Turn knob B1, is it sending CC102?

    The only manual for Enigma can be found under the help menu in Enigma. I have posted a basic getting started guide for Enigma in the Links/Downloads section.

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    Thanks alot for your response. pressing the recall and entering 1 worked.

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