M-Audio Ozone and IK Multimedia software
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Thread: M-Audio Ozone and IK Multimedia software

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    Default M-Audio Ozone and IK Multimedia software

    I've got myself a second hand Ozone audio interface/midi kbd, to 'upgrade' a jamlab guitar interface I've already had.

    I've removed the jamlab and installade the latest (2005 ?) 32 bit Windows XP drivers. After a bit of tinkering everything seems fine, my ASIO applications work fine, like Guitar Rig. However I still have problem with Amplitube (for guitar) and Ampeg SVX (for bass) both from IK Multimedia. With the first sometimes I got 'chipmunk' audio, with both software I always get a noise like a low volume cracking everytime I plug the guitar or bass into the instrument input. The Jamlab ASIO driver seems not to have unistalled properly, there seem to be a conflict.. Other software like guitar Rig works fine. I run XP SP2 with a 4gb Intel Core duo machine.

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    What do you mean by the Jamlab driver did not uninstall properly?

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    I plugged off the jamlab interface and tried to uninstall the driver from control panel, but the uninstaller reported an error ("maybe the software was already uninstalled"). I've manually removed the Jamlab asio driver entry from the registry. The problem seems to occur only with the standalone versions of Ampeg SVX and Amplitube. If I try to use the vst plugins from VSTHost everything works fine (but I lose the metronome and wave player functions). With the ASIO drivers from the standalone I get a strange relatively low frequency cracking-popping noise everytime I play a note with the bass or guitar in the instrument port. For now I've resorted to use ASIO4ALL and the directx drivers, no popping..

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