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    Default Fast Track Ultra problems

    Just bought and installed, worked fine for a minute with the simple stuff. Played guitar and keys thru it and played with the control panel. I then opened my sound and audio devices to switch to the fast track ultra as preferred device for out and in. That didnt seem to work.

    No audio out thru windows media player or sound forge etc. I then rebooted thinking it might be the problem. Once after reboot the Fast Track Ultra control panel will not open. It shows on the bottom tray but will not pop up with restore. Even thru control panel, click on the icon wont open. I have rebooted 4 times.

    My issue is

    1. Why wont the control panel open?

    2. My last soundcard (Tascam us-122) I played sound out from computer thru it to my monitors with only using the usb connection and choosing it in my control panel under sound devices as default. Do I have to reroute out from the computer into the fast track ultra? That doesnt make sense to me. I thought the purpose was to not have to use the microsoft ****ty drivers.

    I have 15 days to take this back, any help would be appreciated.

    Current setup

    Windows XP-SP3
    Quadcore HP
    installed latest driver off website FTU v32 blah blah today

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    Angry More glitches

    Next test was MIDI. Opened up FM8 standalone application. Chose the ultra as an input under midi. Soundcard option I left ASIO direct x multimedia driver. It worked fine. Could play keys on my hardware which triggered the soft synth.

    As soon as I chose M-Audio USB 2.0 driver it froze keys wouldnt trigger the soft synth. Closed it down and then of all things the lil icon on my bottom tray of the Fast Track Ultra control panel literally disapeared. Go to control panel, click on icon still wont open it.

    If I click on the Asio config button on the soundcard tab in FM8 again it pops open the control panel that shoots down to the bottom tray and will not open.

    Also at this point lost all sound out of the Fast Track Ultra. I have headphones plugged into #1 with my triton extreme plugged into channel 2 input. Meters show activity but no sound.

    I have already tried two different USB ports, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers 3x.

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    Hey Rocket,

    Is anything showing up in the device manager? "USB Audio Device" or even FT Ultra?
    If USB Audio device is hiding there when the FT Ultra is on, right click the USB Audio Device and manually update the driver. (Choose Pick from a List Advanced, Don't Search I will choose, then if the FT Ultra is showing up in there, select that and hit next)
    Also in Sounds and audio devices, make sure that FT Ultra is selected for Audio input and Output. Check the "use only default devices" and if needed, disable your on board sound card in the device manager. If none of this helps, you could easily be running into an IRQ conflict problem where your USB device is sharing with your video card or something along those lines.

    In answer to why won't the control panel open, that is typically a driver-related issue. It seems like there may be something hanging around messing with the install. After uninstalling the driver, try clearing your temp folder. (Go to Run>type "%temp%" (No quotes)>hit control a (selects everything) and delete all the files, some files can't be deleted, de-select them by control clicking them and continue deleting)

    Couple other things to double check:
    Is your version of xp Media Center Edition?
    --This one won't work with external audio devices
    --Make sure you are listening for audio playback from your FT Ultra and not the computer because your FT becomes the sound card
    I hope some of this helps man, GL

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