CuBase 5 - Windows 7 - Midi Keyboard - Latency Problem
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Thread: CuBase 5 - Windows 7 - Midi Keyboard - Latency Problem

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    Default CuBase 5 - Windows 7 - Midi Keyboard - Latency Problem

    Hello everybody,

    Since I am just a beginner in this job I would like to ask your help in few problems I could not fix which may seem to be so simple for you.

    I just bought sound card, m-audio fast track a midi keyboard -icon logicon 8air with 88 keys. plus mic. I have home edition Windows 7 64bit. 3 GB ram, i5 processor, Asus notebook.

    I installed 64 bit driver of sound card m-audio fast track. I can see my application m-audio control on task bar. Followingly I installed Pro Tools. Then Samplitude. (They all arrived along with the sound-card and midi keyboard I had bought) . Samplitude has an enourmous latency (about 1 second) but Pro Tools has no latency. Great. But a minute later all voices get ruined. I cant play. There comes sounds that makes no sense. Just a cacaphoney!

    After that I installed cuBase 5 to the PC. (64 bit version) same problem happens again: "Latency". Sounds come few seconds after I press the keys. The interesting thing is when I open cubase there pops up a message:

    asio directx full duplex driver - Line-out - 1 Unmapped
    asio directx full duplex driver - Line-out - 2 Unmapped

    When I choose Devices -> Device Setup on menu the VST Audio System option says "VST audio device not found." I can't figure out: If it cant find the sound card, then how come I get the sound even it is belated?

    Maybe it is the same reasons for the latency in cuBase. Could you please help me out to solve these latency problems? It is so annoying. I went all through Google but did not get any answer so I decided to ask your help.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Latency is soundcard related and has nothing to do with whatever Daw or VST in use.
    If your soundcard has dedicated ASIO drivers..use them.
    If you're using onboard puter audio try ASIO for all.

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