Please Help: M-Audio: AV/C Subunit Driver is missing:
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Thread: Please Help: M-Audio: AV/C Subunit Driver is missing:

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    Question Please Help: M-Audio: AV/C Subunit Driver is missing:

    Hi everyone,

    Having trouble finding this specific driver when installing M-Audio into my system. I have a missing driver called: AV/C Subunit via my device drivers and I installed and reinstalled, and uninstalled the firewire app on the website and still can't get M-Audio to work. The drivers for AV/C Subunit, still have a question mark on it. That's the only driver that is missing. Please help me!

    Please any help would help alot. Thank you in advance.

    My specs:

    Make/Model: Custom-build (ASUS P5K-E)
    Operating System: Windows XP SP3
    Processor: Intel Q6600 2.40 GHz
    RAM: 4GB GSkill
    M-Audio Devices & Driver Versions: Firewire 1814

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    Something with the system is preventing the firmware from loading correctly. What is the source of the firewire on the computer? built in or PCI card? What chipset is firewire controller on the computer using? Texas Instruments, VIA, NEC, Agere? Are you using the power adapter wit the 1814? You shouldn't be. Have you downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the M-Audio website?

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    I encounter the same problem with my FW Solo.

    My Win XP SP3 cannot "see" it, and I have installed the latest drivers for SP3.

    Texas instrument firewire card is installed.

    AV/C Subunit, is missing also the driver.

    Any ideas ?

    thank you !

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