Axiom 25 MIDI latency.
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Thread: Axiom 25 MIDI latency.

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    Default Axiom 25 MIDI latency.

    I hope this helps someone because I almost went nuts.

    Old Laptop: Dual core 1.7ghz Intel - Toshiba.
    HD: 5400 rpm.
    Ram: 4gigs
    IO: Standard + firewire
    Windows 7 Pro 32 bit
    Cubase LE 4
    Axiom 25 1st gen
    Presonus AudioBox USB

    New Laptop: Dual core 2.8 ghz Intel - HP Elitebook
    HD: 7200 rpm.
    Ram: 4gigs
    IO: Standard + firewire
    Cubase Elements 6
    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
    Axiom 25 1st gen
    Presonus AudioBox USB

    So here is the issue. I have gotten the pads to work in Cubase but not the keyboard. The keyboard is another issue. So I decided to play around with the pads in 6. Whenever I hit the pads there is a very small latency before I heard the sound. This causes overlap and flutter in the audio with quick beats. I tried everything to fix this. Changing ASIO, uninstalling everything, the usuals.

    I decided to see what happened on my OLDER Win 7 32 bit machine. So I installed everything and .. drum roll .. no latency. Just to test I pulled everything tried again on the new system. Latency.

    Next I tested a software change. I downloaded the demo of FL studio. Cool program but far to complex for me yet. I installed it on the new machine. The latency is exactly the same as Cubase. Off just enough to cause overlap and flutter.

    I can only assume there is a 32/64 bit driver issue. Could be with the MIDI or even the motherboard drivers. Hard to tell. So my next test is to put 7 Pro 32 bit on the new system and compare the latency between the two. I will be back when that is done to update.

    I hope this helps someone.

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    The latency would be coming from the sound card driver. Do you have the latest drivers? Does lowering the buffer size help?

    You may need to contact Presonus for more info.

    When I press a key, there is a delay before I hear any sound (Latency)

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    I have actually tried the onboard sound and a PCMCIA Creative Labs card and both lag. I may try and plug the PCMCIA into the old laptop and see if it happens there.

    I have the latest drives. They say they will work with 64 bit but are they really a quality 64 bit driver is another question. But then again I have have more than a few issues with Win 7 64 bit. Some programs and drivers are still a little unstable. I am going to do a little more testing to see what I come up with.

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    Latency solved. I installed Windows 7 32 bit and now my beats are sharp and responsive.

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