Windows 7 64bit + Firewire 410 Driver = Big Problem without solution !
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Thread: Windows 7 64bit + Firewire 410 Driver = Big Problem without solution !

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    Default Windows 7 64bit + Firewire 410 Driver = Big Problem without solution !

    Hi there,

    As a lot of people, i have a big trouble with my Firewire 410 under Windows 7 64bit. My motherboard is ASUS P7P55M, i installed last M-Audio driver v5.10.0.5058 and updated IEEE port to latest version. Result is : sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. I have to shut-down, re-install driver and hardware everyday (very boring).

    I'm running Cubase 6 64bit. I see many people have problem with M-Audio Card, so what is thebest solution ? Changing for another Sound Card and lets fall definitivly M-AUDIO ?

    Thank you,

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    Signature infos ...
    Model: PC
    OS: Windows 7 64bit SP1
    CPU: i7-870 (2,93 x 4)
    Memory: 16GB
    M-Audio Products: FireWire 410 ( driver)
    DAW: Cubase 6 32bit

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    Hi Fabrice,
    welcome in the WIN 7 64 victim club.

    I work till 7 days on this problem, and the FW 410 is not the only problem.
    Now I take a new Dell PC and had to take a separate FireWire Card on the board.
    Now, if any application access the FW 410, I get a blue screen.
    It´s the next problem, Dell Optiplex > WinTech FireWire (VIA Chip) > FW 410.

    At the moment Cubase 6 is running on my old PC with Win XP SP2.
    But this is no solution, until now i spend a lot of money in this problem!!!

    Win 7 64 support more than 3GB Ram, it´s the only reason to run Win 7. You can use Cubase 6 without problems with Win XP, but only 3GB Ram max. If you want to install Cubase 6 under XP, you have only to install the Windows.installer separatly, thats all.

    But Win7, FW 410 is a big problem, FireWire cards with the FW 410 are a bigger problem.
    That is absolutely poor!!!
    And also Motu have their problems with Win 7.

    And there are no solutions to the vendor

    Greetings from europe,

    DELL Optiplex 380
    Intel Core 7500
    8GB RAM
    Wintech FireWire
    Win 7 64 SP1
    Cubase 6

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    even though you arent one of these m-audio moderators who apparently cant see my posts because i must be invisible, you are the FIRST to actually present the answer we are all waiting for m-audio to admit. I spent $1200 on a projectmix i cant use and havent had a single F'in response from m-audio on this forum. Maybe they are tired are telling everyone to update the driver and buy a expansion FW card, which i did. The phone support is worse!! Not sure those guys in India who probably have never seen any of these products and reading that dumb troubleshoot list can help at all. I have been reluctant to return this p.o.s. but i think reality is setting in. This board will not work with Win 7!!!! At least not longer than 10 min or maybe 2 hrs which im sure my clients will not enjoy paying for. M-AUDIO..... STEP UP AND TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS AND DRIVERS NOT WORKING!!!!!!
    HP e9220y - AMD Phenom II X4 910 Processor 2.60 GHz - 8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 64-bit SP1
    Vantec FW Card w/ TI Chipset
    2X Western Digital 1TB Hard Drives
    M-Audio ProjectMix I/O
    ART Digital MPAII Pre Amp
    Blue Bluebird Condenser Mic
    Yamaha HS80M Monitors

    Doc Rizk of Disciples of Logic

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    This is the end part of my problem thread.
    At the end, we have a problem with Win 7 64 old and new hardware.
    The drivers work well, but not with any hardware, it´s not only a problem made by M-Audio.
    I had to try out a lot of hardware to go ultimately to success.
    The only contact was with Dell support, but they could not help me with Win 7 64 and FireWire.
    But they could tell the other users have problems with the FireWire interface under Windows 7 64.

    Hallo guys,

    7 days have passed, many hours of work, much money for hardware- tests.

    The system is running, but, i think there is someting wrong, M-Audio - Microsoft and other manufacturer.

    Are now more recently the user-charge systems with the Windows 7 test out????

    Forget it, thats the wrong way and absolutely unacceptable.

    Canceling the support hotline and mail- support in germany, forget it.

    You can buy support for 13 Eur for one process, how many processes that would have been here??

    Perhaps the problem is called Microsoft and Win 7 64Bit against hardware, but however, users should pay for only??

    Normally I would forward at me now, it runs but not at this price.

    M-Audio, look at the other threads, there is a problem, you have to fix it, not the user!

    O.k., now i feel better.

    Forget FireWire cards from Wintech in a DELL PC with Win 7 64.
    My running system is:
    Dell Optiplex 380
    8GB RAM DDR3 1333
    DeLock FireWire with NEC Chips
    Win 7 64

    and the current Win7 64 driver from the M-Audio page.

    Greetings from germany,
    and good luck to the other users!

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    Now 4 days on the problem and always none solution, i re-installed Win7 and Cubase 6 (32bit this time), then only after FW driver 6.0.1 and always nothing. I think now, my only solution is buying a new Audio Interface Controler who will works correctly with win7 64bit lets fall M-Audio.

    I really think M-Audio drivers are optimized for their Pro-Tools but they hear nothing about problems with others DAW.

    I will surely try Presonus - Firestudio mobile (FireWire) audio interface. But i will read forums to be sure all is working good under win7 64 bit.

    Model: PC
    OS: Windows 7 64bit SP1
    CPU: i7-870 (2,93 x 4)
    Memory: 16GB
    M-Audio Products: FireWire 410 ( driver)
    DAW: Cubase 6 32bit

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    I finally solved my problem, i installed ASIO4ALL drivers and it works, only problem is i can't go down 512 samples. So i have 12ms latency against 3ms under my older XP config 32bit, what a shame ! But at least i can work with my FireWire 410.

    Good luck
    Model: PC
    OS: Windows 7 64bit SP1
    CPU: i7-870 (2,93 x 4)
    Memory: 16GB
    M-Audio Products: FireWire 410 ( driver)
    DAW: Cubase 6 32bit

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    Default in the same hole

    Just so that you don't think you only have the problem. I lost $500 on the ProFire 610 and shipped it overseas and paid custom duties and DHL, just to find out that the driver under Win7 x64 is a piece of crap.
    Sound comes for 10 seconds and then goes away, then comes or maybe not.
    if you unhook the firewire cable, I get a blue screen.

    Now, I ordered a Presonus FireStudio Mobile and I will update you once I get it.

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    Once again,
    there is a problem with Win 7 in conjunction with the entire hardware.

    Also with cameras and camcoders on the firewire interface.

    It is abnormal for sure that there are problems with Windows 7 drivers onboard firewire interfaces, but it is a fact.

    I had in my system using a PCI firewire card, and while I have to try different types.
    It was cheaper than a new interface, which perhaps is not even in this hardware combination.

    And I've taken a faster PC, which in hindsight I would not have to make.

    However, it is incomprehensible that there is no adequate support to these problems!


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    I have used windows 7 since October 2009 with my Firewire 410 and have had no troubles with it what so ever. Using the driver. I made sure to use the legacy firewire driver in win7 as recommended. Furthermore I am using an Intel motherboard and a core 2 duo cpu as you can see in my signature. I am also using the ADS PYRO PCI 64 Texas Instrument firewire card, as recommenden by Digidesign. I have owned asus motherboards in the past and they have all had bugs, so maybe the problem is with your motherboard? I can testify that my INTEL motherboard system is very stable, never crashes.
    Mainboard : Intel DQ965GF
    Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2133 MHz
    Physical Memory : 2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
    Hard Disk : ST3250310SV (250 GB)
    Hard Disk : ST3320620AS (320 GB)
    Hard Disk: Lacie D2 Quadra 1 TB using Firewire400 connection *
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    ADS PYRO 64 bit OHCI texas instruments PCI firewire card (fw410 connected to this) (using legacy driver)
    Firewire 410

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