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Thread: Midisport 8x8/s Windows 7 won't recognise interface

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    Hi Jared,
    i have received the 2 EPROM chips, did the update and the installation. It is working under Win7.
    Now my old green & blue 8x8/s got a second life. :-)
    Cheers & thanks again. Peter

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    I´ve the problem with my green/blue midisport 8/8s too.
    Win7 can´t find the device. There is shown a code43 error message.

    I´ve installed the latest installer.

    Greetings from Germany,

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    Click my name in this post to send me a private message with your name, address, and phone number, and I can have the repairs deaprtment send you the firmware chips and installation instructions.

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    Hello Jared,
    my midisport has a second life too :-)

    Many thanks for this great support, now it works very well under win7 !


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    Me too! I have a Mac G5 running OS X 10.5.8 and after everything I've tried my Green/Blue 8x8 is still 'greyed out'. It did work under OS X 10.4.11 (most of the time!) but now I can't program anything in my studio. I've sent you a PM Jared.

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    I' am using the Midi-device Midisport 2x2 (USB, lime green) with Cakewalk Sonar X1d Studio, Win7 64bit.
    When I start my computer the USB device is recognised in the system manager immediately and Midisport 2x2 is
    connected to USB (LED light is ON).

    Now I start the software Sonar (or other soft-synths) and I get the message that Midisport 2x2 is missing. After 1-2 minutes the Midi-device is connected to the system. I'am wondering, because the device is already recognized in the system-manager.

    Everything works fine, but how can I accelerate Win 7 to connect the Midi-device faster?
    I installed the lastest driver 6.1.2.
    Do I need a new firmware for my Midisport 2x2?

    Midisport 2x2 (lime green)

    Win7 64bit, i7, 8Gb RAM, SSD 128GB, Sonar X1d Studio 64bit (german), Roland XV 3080, EMU Orbit 9090, Korg M1, Boss DR-660, Eridol M-16 DX, Behringer Denoiser, Yamaha FX 500, div Plugins, Yamaha HS80m

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    Hello Jared!

    I have received the 2 EPROM chips, did the update but
    I have trouble installing Midisport driver 6.1.2 on my win 7 64bit.

    First "Installer Error: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. Message: Out of Disk Space - Volume "E:"; required space: 0 KB; available space: 0KB. Free some disk space and retry"
    I disable the referenced drive from the Windows Device Manager and it works.

    Then I have runtime error, but it works install in compatibility mode for XP

    my midisport 8x8s has a second life too :-)

    Thanks for this great support!!!

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    I have the same problem.. i have the old green & blue 8x8/s midisport.
    I've downloaded the latest drivers followed the instructions etc but my Mac Quadcore 2,8 (windows 7 SP1)is totally refusing to see the drivers and thus the interface.
    I contact with your dealer in Greece but they are absolutely indifferent to help anyone has problem
    with an old midisport.(Note please , i bougth NEW my midisport (year 2000) from Greek M-audio dealer).
    Before 2 weeks i contact with the M-audio Greek shop if they can help me and if i can order new eproms from there,
    and the seller said sorry... it's to late for your product, i can't help you!!.Maybe you find on internet
    a solution...and that's all!!!
    Please Jared!!! Would you help me?? I love this machine.I used for 11 years with windows XP
    without anything problem..
    But now i have windows 7 and OSX Lion..
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    Best Regards

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    I have the midisport uno usb midi interface and the driver software wouldn't instal. I went here: http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support&tab=faqs I followed the steps and downloaded the software update but the midi cables still aren't translating to my Windows 7 computer. Do you think you could send me the updated firmware as well? Or perhaps that isn't applicable in my case? If not any suggestions?

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    Jared, can i do this as well? i've tried everything and can't get my 1x1 uno midi interface working with windows 7. i had it for many years and had no problems with xp. only when i update my cpu did i have a problem. i tried private messaging you but it wouldn't let me. please help.

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