As you may know, Beta is the development stage prior to the full release of a product. The goal of our Beta program is to collect information regarding the performance, quality, usability and functionality of new products before they are released to the marketplace. Beta testers are asked to use pre-release products in a real world environment and report their findings back to Avid. Beta testing is intended to complement internal testing and allows us to create solid, robust products that everyone can benefit from.

M-Audio interface drivers, Venom drivers, HyperControl personalities and DirectLink personalities are available to all members of the Avid Beta Community. Start downloading and providing feedback after 5 easy steps.

  • Sign Up
  • Create Username and Password
  • Complete System Configuration Form
  • Arrive at Community Dashboard
  • Under Project Opportunities select Audio Device Maintenance

After selecting Audio Device Maintenance, you may encounter a series of download notices. These notices are designed to ensure all users of the Beta platform are aware of the latest updates. If you encounter a download notice does not apply to you, simply click the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page.

If all goes well, your dashboard will look like this: Avid Beta Community Dashboard.jpg
If you experience any difficulty, please contact me at william.marshall@avid.com.

By the way, the sign-up process includes a lot of questions about your system configuration, mobile devices and so forth. Collecting as much useful info upfront helps us troubleshoot any issues you may run into during testing.

Learn more about our Beta program and begin the sign up process here.

Thank you for contributing to the Avid Beta Community.

William Marshall
Beta Program Manager