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Thread: NT1-A Mic not working with Fast Track pro

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    How are you connecting the mic to the Fast Track Pro? is the cable XLR at both ends? You will not get power to the microphone if your cable has a 1/4" connection on the Fast Track Pro end.

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    If you have a mac you can also go to "System Preferences", then look under "Other", and you should see your fast track pro.
    --------------After opening it under the "Audio" side you should see 5 checkmarkable options. Make sure the first two and last two are checked, but not the middle one.

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    When i first got my fast track pro, I had no mics, only guitars to plug in, when i got mics, only my dynamic mics would work, my MXL condenser would not at all. I took the setup into guitar center and they tested different mics, nothing worked. when they pulled out a new fast track it worked fine with my condenser. turns out the phantom power was not working on the thing. they exchanged the broken one with a new one and i've never had problems since!
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    I found a slightly different problem and fixed it in system prefs / other /m-audio by making sure that all the possible input selections were selected. for some reason this setting seems to reset itself sometimes and my microphone stops working completely.

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