Its quite useful, but the problem that I see is the software your running (plus one), ie

Series / Product / Platform / Software

Granted theres more then a few out there and one has to dig through the list to find what your looking for.... unfortunately one answer can cover several software programs. But none the less I feel it would be a major boost for everybody concerned to add this for their search. If 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 doesnt add up to 4 then they know its not in the FAQ.

I found one to set up the preferences to configuring for my Cool Edit Pro 2 / Adobe Audition 1.5. But theres several more questions (tho like I said have to dig through the FAQ to find them), but If I get stumped Ill post it on the USB thread.

Thanks for your time,
"Keep your stick on the ice"