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    My friend recently bought a new keyboard and so he gave me his old Axiom 61 to fool around with, I currently dont have anything else except the keyboard and the USB cable, and after searching on the internet for a couple days I am still completely lost on what I need in terms of hardware and software, in order to be able to start making noise. I'm not very tech-savy so the more plug and play the better, basically I dont want to spend a whole lot of time setting everything up. I using a PC laptop with Windows 7 and would rather not spend a lot of money. Any information/insight you can provide would be wonderful!

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    The Axiom is a plug and play MIDI controller, simply connect it to an available USB port and turn it on. To complete the setup you'll need a sound card, speakers or headphones, and software (instruments) to generate the sounds.

    You can start by testing with MIDI-OX to confirm the device is recognized and working. If it isn't recognized, see this Installation Troubleshooting Guide.

    The Axiom can be used with any software that supports MIDI, like Pro Tools, or the bundled version of Ableton Live Lite. See this video tutorial for getting started with your keyboard in Live. If you are using the built-in sound card on a PC, you may have problems with latency, see this article for more information.

    If you're new to MIDI and computer based recording, check out these resources:

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