Sputnik distorted, no bottom end, low output
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Thread: Sputnik distorted, no bottom end, low output

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    Default Sputnik distorted, no bottom end, low output

    I bought my Sputnik about six months ago. I tracked some acoustic guitar with it in January and it sounded amazing. The last couple of weeks, however, I've had to really crank the gain on my pres (Great Rivers, sometimes OSAs) to get the output to a decent level. Even then, there is virtually no bottom end and the sound is pretty overdriven.

    My first guess is that it's the tube, almost like the way an amplifier sounds right before one of the tubes goes, but I've not had this mic for very long. I can't imagine the tube would already need replacing. Am I missing something? I'd love to get my mic back to its top working order.

    I'm running the Sputnik into one of those two pres I mentioned, into an Apogee Duet, into my Macbook. I'm recording in Logic 9
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    I've you've tested on different pre's, it sounds like the problem could be with the mic. Did you also test with different cables? If so and the problem remains, I would suggest contacting tech support to arrange for repair.

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