KeyStudio 49i Version 6.1.5

Release Date: June 1, 2012

Applies To:
KeyStudio 49i

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 7 SP1 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

Release Notes:

• Updated Streaming service name to match old driver package (6.0.X) which fixes install failures on systems that have had the old driver installed.
• The streaming driver is now more robust if the completion time of packets is out of order.
• Added new graphics for radio buttons and buffer size controls.
• Fix panel issue where text could be truncated under high-DPI display settings on Windows.
• Updates to improve stability/reliability of streaming driver.
• Fix blue screen that could occur when unplugging the device during streaming.
• Fixed: iTunes fails to restart after pausing for 5 minutes
• Fixed: ASIO driver unavailable in SONAR
• Fixed: MIDI input devices are not released on exit
• Fixed: Uninstaller does not release DFU without user approval
• Fixed: MME recording in Vista is unacceptable
• Sleep mode is now fully supported.
• Updates to the way in which latencies are reported to hosts.
• Disable the sample rate controls when streaming
• Fix the hardware ID that is reported to Pro Tools.
• Use spaces in the device name that is displayed in Pro Tools.
• Enabled ProTools private ASIO future calls in the public ASIO driver. This will enable future versions of Pro Tools to use the public ASIO driver, and will allow Avid to eventually eliminate the private, PACE-wrapped ASIO driver. This change should have no effect on current Pro Tools products or other ASIO hosts.

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