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    Hello Jared,

    You have answered some of my questions before and I don't know if you can help me on this off topic question but here goes. I know that I can create/publish/copyright songs using Session/Pro Tools SE using the Loops & effects. I would like to copyright some songs I made but don't know if it is required to
    give credit or mention on the copyright form SE to the software, loops, effects. If so, what do I write?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You do not need to credit or mention Avid/Pro Tools/SE/Whatever. These are your songs

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    What about user uploaded Set files for singles/multi's?

    Are those copyright concerns?

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    Just a quick note, I think I found the answer to my specific question.

    I believe the answer is no, there is no limitation or copyright concern for user uploaded sets/singles/multis etc etc.

    See below:

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