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    Default Venom + iPad/Lemur = ??

    After reading this forum entry I tested using the Lemur App to control some parameters and it seems to be working.

    So my goal now is to create a Lemurized version of this One that can plug directly from iPad to Venom via the Camera Connection Kit.

    While I think the Vyzex Venom software is irreplaceable for creating the original patches, I want to:
    a) access parameters not included on the front panel performance controls in real-time;
    b) not have to run a laptop into the Venom all the time to access all the parameters.

    I'm posting here just in case anyone else has had any joy setting up a MIDI controller for the Venom, or wants to offer encouragement, support or knowledge. I'm happy to share the final product of course. At the moment it seems like most stuff is pretty self-explanatory except sending NRPN messages and modulation routing.


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    Well good luck to you! I'm going to attempt to use my Novation Remote zero controller to access those hidden paramaters in the editor.
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    It is here for those that are interested. At this time it is only really useful in single mode but works well for live jamming and stored presets can be used in multi mode successfully.

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