my headphones arent working
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Thread: my headphones arent working

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    Default my headphones arent working

    ok well i borrowed the m-audio xponent from my friend and i when i got it i first went to download the torq 2.03 update and everything was working fine as i was trying out the trial mode, but when i wanted to start beat matching with my headphones, my headphones don't work! its super frustrating because i dont know if is the software or my computer is picking up the hardware through my usb ,........need help?!

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    Unhappy headphones configuration

    I just purchased and downloaded torq 2.03 and i want to know the exact configurations for making so my headphones actually work with my m-audio xponent, because my headphone buttons on my mixer dont work. All i get is sound coming out of my computer speakers! please help.........

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    Make sure Torq is configured to use Xponent. See the configuration guides at For further assistance with Torq and Xponent, please register and post your questions to the Torq-DJ forum at

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