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    Hello there - very very new user with M-Audio Keystation 49i
    My background is pure analogue - but friend just got me cubase on my laptop and the M-Audio midi-controller keyboard. I could hear the cubase playback fine in the Keystation headphone outputs, but when I tried connecting the Keystation to an external amp (via the two 1/4 jack outputs) i was getting a horrible noise (like an old fashioned dial-up modem noise). What was strange was that this noise continued even when I turned cubase off. Is it a setting in my laptop or do you think it could be that I should be using balanced jack leads to connect to the amp - i just used regular guitar leads.
    Any help/ideas/thoughts much much appreciated

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    Are you using a guitar amp or something? If it has distortion on, that could have caused it.

    I would recommend using speakers or monitors regardless though. Unbalanced cables can also cause noise that like, especially if there is a lot of RF/interference.
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