Hi all,
I am a new member looking for help with my Tampa. The gain pot on my Tampa is defective: it works o.k. until it reaches the last 5 degrees of rotation, at which point all signal disappears. I'm sure the resistive substrate has failed as no amount of Caig D5 makes any difference, even after making a small hole.
The pot is an Alpha 10k mini sealed 6mm with a half shaft. I haven't found a replacement at Mouser, Digikey or any my usual sources. I spoke with tech support and was informed that because this unit has been out of production for more than a year they no longer provide parts support. Also tried emailing repairs@m-audio, but no reply. I could sub a replacement part in, but I would prefer not to modify the board as it's a very tight fit.
Has anyone seen this problem? Is this level of support typical for M audio products?