Cleaning a sputnik?
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Thread: Cleaning a sputnik?

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    Question Cleaning a sputnik?

    anyone have recommendations for cleaning fingerprints and whatnot from the Sputnik mic? I've tried just a soft cloth but its not taking it all off, so I need something stronger. but I don't want to damage it either.

    thanks, Mike

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    I hate replying to my own posts but since nobody else did, let me tell you what I did...

    I found a product at Walmart - "Weiman Metal Polish". I found it in the cleaning supplies where you might find Brasso and other kitchen cleaning supplies. It is made for cleaning sinks, etc. and is OK for polished nickel (i.e., the Sputnik) because it is non-abrasive. Anyway, its a liquid and was about $4 for a small plastic bottle.

    I had some old sweat pants that I cut up (or any other very soft cloth will work). I only needed about 2-3 small dots of this stuff. put one dot on the cloth then you apply it sort of like a liquid wax. rub it in and then buff it off with another clean soft cloth. repeat if needed. be careful not to get it on the mesh where the capsule is and if you use it sparingly you should not clog up the switches either. just go easy with it and do a small area at a time.

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