Midisport 4x4 and OS 10.7
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Thread: Midisport 4x4 and OS 10.7

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    Hi. I've written about this before but have not really resolved it. For months, every time I shut down my mac, I lose the connection to my 4x4. The lights go out and it is greyed out in Audio Midi Setup. The only way to get it back is to - 1.Uninstall the m-audio software and Restart; This removes it from the Audio Midi window completely. 2. Install the m-audio software again and restart; this places it in the Audio Midi window but greyed out again. 3. Uninstall the m-audio software and restart - this sometimes results in it working (but often I have to go around the whole process again!). I've tried different leads in different ports but unfortunately do not have the luxury of another mac to try it in. Shortly I shall probably be buying a new interface - it may not be one made by m-audio!


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    We have not experienced this behavior in our testing. If you are experiencing this behavior with the beta driver, please log a bug in the Centercode beta site with detailed information about your system so they can look into this.


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