Pro Tools with Windows 7 ??? (Fast Track Pro & Oxygen 49 keyboard)
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Thread: Pro Tools with Windows 7 ??? (Fast Track Pro & Oxygen 49 keyboard)

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    Default Pro Tools with Windows 7 ??? (Fast Track Pro & Oxygen 49 keyboard)

    Hi there,

    I've been using the Fast Track Pro & Oxygen 49 keyboard with Pro Tools m-powered 7 on my Windows Vista laptop for the past couple of years, also using Reason 4 as a plug-in.

    Recently I got around to getting a decent PC built with plenty of capability to run everything faster & smoother... installed with Windows 7 home premium (32 bit).
    Last night I installed Reason 5, downloaded the up to date drivers for the Fast Track Pro & the Oxygen keyboard... only to discover that my Pro Tools 7 apparently won't work with Windows 7! Great!

    I've spent a few hours searching this forum & others to find a solution & there doesn't seem to be one. I'm gutted! I've just spent a fortune on this PC, Windows 7, new monitors etc...
    Is there way around having to buy a later Pro Tools???

    If not, then does Pro Tools 8 work with Windows 7?
    What would be the benefits of getting a later one, 9 or 10?

    Regarding Pro Tools 8, 9 or 10...
    Will they all work with my current hardware & software setup? Don't want to buy one & then find I need a new audio interface as well (I've seen the m-box on the website, does the Fast Track Pro still work with latest Pro Tools?) etc etc...

    Your advice is greatly appreciated. I really need to get this sorted ASAP!

    Lianne. (UK)

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    Pro Tools 8.0.4 is the first version that is compatible with Windows 7. Pro Tools 8 is no longer available, so you could upgrade to MP9 ($199) or Pro Tools 10 ($399). See this page for a comparison of the different versions:

    See for more information on Pro Tools system requirements.

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