HELP PLEASE - Setting up Venom as AUDIO and MIDI via USB
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Thread: HELP PLEASE - Setting up Venom as AUDIO and MIDI via USB

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    Default HELP PLEASE - Setting up Venom as AUDIO and MIDI via USB

    Please help! : ) I have gone to Audio Midi Setup in Utilities in the MAC and now am able to hear sound from the Venom without the 1/4 in cables connected to thru an Apogee. Hooray. BUT I am not able to figure out how to get the sound to be STEREO. It is only plays when the record function is on with the Mic input selected for my microphone connected to the apogee. Confused yet? I have added here a link to show images of the situation.

    Thanks VERY MUCH.


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    It's a bit confusing since the info you're providing is lacking. Which Apogee? What computer, etc. Put all that info in your signature so you don't have to type it in everytime you post.
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