I have a pair of Bx5a studio monitors that I use in my music studio. One morning I start to play some of my music and I noticed only my left monitor is working. I took right monitor and changed the fuse in it but the fuse blew as soon as I changed it and tried to cut it on. I changed the fuse again with the extra one from the left monitor and the same thing happened again. I bought some more fuses and noticed it would no longer come on. Today I opened it up and noticed there were 2 fuses inside. I changed both of those fuses and the fuse by the plug and it came on but i could not get it to play any music not did it have a humming sound. After about 30 seconds it started smoking so i unplugged it. I tried changing the fuses again and it came on but it had a loud humming sound. I was able to get it to play music from it but it started smoking again so I quickly unplugged it. Does anyone have any idea whats goin on with this monitor and any suggestions on to how to fix this problem?